Insight in your retirement (3 days) - Pensioen in Zicht voor Engelstaligen

An abundant source of inspiration is created when time, exploration and reflection are used to discover your favored choices.

Do you want to prepare yourself for a ‘new future’ that inspires you? Then thís seminar is suitable for you!

Perhaps you have been giving retirement a lot of thought lately. This seminar integrates current information, your thoughts and perspectives with the valuable resources of peers. As you look toward the future you will gain an opportunity to reflect, discuss and design this new phase of life.

You will mine the period of years worked and identify some of your strengths and that what gives you satisfaction. You will progress to understand the balance required for one to stay vital and motivated in a changed life with new choices.

When is this seminar usefull for you?
This seminar is ideal for you as an employee if you are planning to retire within a year or less and English is your preferred language of communication for you and/or your partner.

This seminar is attended by couples and singles. The sentiment of retiring can be different if you are going to this phase on your own or as a couple. During the seminar the facilitator will address both lifestyles.

Themes which will be discussed:
· How to say goodbye to your organization and work
· Examining your social network
· Finding balance in all aspects of your life to stay motivated
· Adjusting to home life and relationships
· Identify steps to fulfill possibilities and open doors

Seminar settings
A skilled facilitator will guide the seminar in an environment of confidentiality, small group discussions, paired activities and individual reflection.

Naturally, when a group of people are entering the same transition there is pleasant common ground. Sometimes we have participants that connect again years later. Ideally you would be planning to leave work within a year or less.

The stage is set for you by offering this seminar in hotel accommodation where you can relax, enjoy and focus without disturbances. English is the language of this seminar and the duration is 3 days including hotel stay. The first day has an afternoon and evening program and the second day a morning, afternoon and evening program. The third day ends around 4 o’clock.

You can check the available dates here

Our price
Three-day course € 750 per participant
Total supplement for a single room € 38 (per room)

The price for the seminar Insight Retirement includes:
- Coffee, tea and ice water during the meeting
- Breakfast and lunch buffet (with milk and fruit juices)
- 3-course dinner (with table water)
- Overnight stay in a double room (for a single room we ask a surcharge)
- Consumptions other than described above are not included

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